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We're reading pitches and submissions for our Bodies series. 

This series features examinations about how our bodies move through the world—how they are understood and seen (or unseen) by others and ourselves, the forces they ride and fight, the complications and joys of tending to these things that allow us to live and write. Often, the essays we publish are a mix of memoir, cultural criticism, and/or reporting, though we welcome new formats as well.

Examples include Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts on how bodywork helps her heal from trauma as a Black woman; Alex Nolos on transitioning and the expectations of performing masculinity; Mishka Hoosen on how perfume eases his chronic pain; and Ace Tilton Ratcliff on writing stories about disabled people as a disabled writer.

If you are pitching, please tell us the narrative arc of your story; the context/conversation with which you’re engaging and why (i.e. What's been written on this topic before? How will your essay talk about it differently/push the conversation forward?); links to relevant clips; and your sources and level of access, if you are reporting.

If you are submitting a full draft, please do share the narrative arc, the cultural conversation with which you're engaging, and links to clips. We will only read submissions of 4000 words or less.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.