Catapult is an innovative publisher that celebrates extraordinary storytelling. We accept submissions of literary fiction, memoir, nonfiction, literary journalism and graphic narrative. 

We promote American and international fiction and narrative nonfiction that is alive, insightful, illuminating, stirring, and surprising by way of unique voices—whether emerging or established—that honor the craft of writing. “We must contribute to both contemporary literary culture and the pleasure and knowledge of a diverse and serious readership,” says Editor in Chief Pat Strachan. “As Rebecca Mead wrote in The New Yorker, ‘There are pleasures to be had from books beyond being lightly entertained.’”

While we no longer accept book-length unagented manuscripts, we do welcome short fiction and nonfiction of 500-6000 words for our online magazine. Please include a cover letter along with your piece. Writers will receive compensation for accepted online magazine pieces.

We will respond to submissions within six months, hopefully earlier. We accept all file formats.

In the meantime, do check out our online magazine,, which features a Community site where emerging writers can post their work and receive feedback from one another. We hope you'll find this an engaging and safe way to bring your words into the world. 

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Catapult's online magazine is accepting submissions and pitches for a nonfiction series called 'At Work.'

We're looking for narratives about work experiences—whether you've worked in a kitchen or in a cubicle, on a ship or underground, with people, animals, or robots, we want to read your story.

For inspiration, we invite you to look at the previous pieces in the series: Jane Wood's 'Death Package,' Evan James' 'The Land of Sweets,' and the newest one, Lucie Shelly's '
Clean Eating and Pure Loving: My Life as a Whole Foods Cashier.'

Submissions should be between 500-6000 words.  

We’ll also look at paragraph-long pitches; please include links to three clips.

Writers will receive compensation for accepted pieces.

Catapult Community is currently accepting submissions for our Literary Pet of the Month series.

We welcome entries extolling your pet’s virtues as a reading companion, rigorously crafted comparisons to famous literary pets, introspective meditations on the reason you named your pet after a writer or a character in literature, and any other submissions that could engrave your pet’s story into the annals of literary history.

Submissions should be one paragraph in length. We also ask that you provide a photo of your furry (scaly) friend for fact-checking purposes. One winner will be chosen and featured on Community every month.

For inspiration, we invite you to look at Marie-Helene Bertino's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'

Catapult's online magazine is accepting narrative nonfiction submissions. We welcome personal essays, lyric essays, reportage, and unconventional prose which resists categorization. 

Preferred word count for submissions is 500 - 6000 words. Writers will receive compensation for accepted pieces.